Kingsman 2: Julianne Moore to play villain

Colin Firth definitely won’t be back, but Julianne Moore is set to board the Kingsman sequel.

Production will be beginning shortly on Kingsman: The Secret Service 2, with Taron Egerton reprising the role of Eggsy in the new movie. Matthew Vaughn is directing again, and we now know who’s going to be taking over from Samuel L Jackson when it comes to antagonist duties.

Academy Award-winner Julianne Moore is now in talks for the villain role in the film, and if room can be found in her crowded schedule of projects, then she seems likely to sign up. Production kicks off in May.

One person who won’t be back, it’s now been revealed, is Colin Firth. There had been chatter about finding a way to squeeze him into the sequel somehow, but it seems that those plans have been scrapped.

Kingsman: The Secret Service 2 is due in cinemas in June 2017.


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