Kong: Skull Island – Behind the scenes

Jordan Vogt-Roberts (The Kings Of Summer) is about to unleash his first big budget film on the world and we are beyond excited for it. Kong: Skull Island looks like it’s going to be an absolute face melter when it’s released next month, but before that happens Warner Bros. have happily dished out some rather cool B-roll footage for us to have a look at, courtesy of comicbook.com.

The footage, which gives us a glimpse behind the scenes at the (woolly) mammoth-sized production Vogt-Roberts and his cast had on their hands, also tells us something we already kinda knew – that the shoot seemed to be a whole lot of fun, too.

Check out the B-roll footage below…

Warner Bros have also released a cool IMAX featurette for the film where you can watch the cast, along with director Vogt-Roberts and his staggeringly impressive beard, wax lyrical about the task of bringing Kong back to life. Have a look…

Kellvin Chavez over at Splash Report took to his Twitter account last week to plead with audiences to keep their eyes on the prize, after he’d sat through a special preview screening of the film.

Now, without spoiling anything, we can all make a pretty decent guess at just who might make an appearance in a post-credits sequence here, so we won’t be moving an inch until those lights go up.

We’ll bring you more as we have it. In the meantime,

The film is due to hit cinemas on 10 March 2017, at least in the US, but we’ll update you if the UK date differs.

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