Kristen Stewart frightened by film’s lack of feelings

Actress Kristen Stewart was scared by the lack of emotions in her new movie Equals.

The 25-year-old star plays Nia in the upcoming drama sci-fi, set in a futuristic world where feelings have been eliminated. This proves tricky when she meets illustrator Silas (Nicholas Hoult) and upon discovering they’ve both been infected with an unknown disease, they must escape their community together. For Kristen, the storyline took some time to get her head around.

“It was scary in a lot of ways,” she told US magazine OK! of getting stuck into the tale. “Nicholas and I play people who fall in love even though that’s taboo. We would spend a lot of time just talking to each other and showing no visible emotion.”

It’s a far cry from previous love stories Kristen has portrayed on screen, especially that seen in the Twilight franchise. Her human alter ego Bella Swan fell head over heels for vampire Edward Cullen, played by her real-life ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Although their relationship was frowned upon, there was no hiding their passion. The films were based on the books by Stephenie Meyer and landed Kristen a whole new legion of fans in the form of teenage girls. Asked what advice she would give them now, her main message is to enjoy their lives.

“Sometimes we all need to get crazy and not feel inhibited – there should be a way for us to let loose more often and not worry about making mistakes,” she shared. “It’s important to understand what you really want in life. Some people never figure that out… but I’ve been able to make sense of how I want to live. The most important thing is to be happy.”

It seems Kristen has lived by her own mantra, admitting she feels a lot more rebellious and confident now than she used to. She won’t take on any job she doesn’t feel completely committed to as she needs to be fully invested emotionally in her character.

– Cover Media

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