Kurt Russell: ‘My kids’ careers excite me’

Kurt Russell is more interested in his children’s careers than his own.

The 64-year-old has worked in the industry since the early ’60s, hitting the big time in 1981 with Escape from New York. Since then he’s never been far from a set, but 2016 may be one of his most successful years yet thanks to his much-hyped role in Quentin Tarantino’s western The Hateful Eight.

Kurt is more absorbed in what his kids are up to though; he has son Wyatt with long-term partner Goldie Hawn, and raised Goldie’s children Kate and Oliver Hudson. Kurt is working with Kate on upcoming movie Deepwater Horizon, and has a new project with the actress in the pipeline that Oliver and Wyatt will produce.

“I care much more about my children’s careers and lives now than I do about my own,” Kurt admitted to Britain’s Metro newspaper. “I’ve had a wonderful life but I love looking at what they do.

“I had a good career but I didn’t do certain movies at certain times because I didn’t want to do the same thing. For 40 years I avoided that. Now I don’t care. I never would have done two westerns before. Now I can do seven in a row.”

He appears in Western flick Bone Tomahawk, which co-stars Lost star Matthew Fox and David Arquette, but it’s The Hateful Eight that’s really got people talking. It reunites some of Quentin’s most worked-with actors, including Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Madsen.

“I don’t think I’ve ever liked him more than I’ve liked him in this movie,” Kurt grinned. “I really did love the opportunity to work with Sam. He and I had talked about that and said we’ve got to really work together. Like he did with (John) Travolta in Pulp Fiction.

“Michael is a force unto himself and when his character struggles with being in a certain situation, that’s when Michael’s at his best. And Michael himself doesn’t feel comfortable when that’s happening. He’s great at it.”

– Cover Media

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