La Strada (R/I) (PG)

A nationwide reissue of legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini’s ‘La Strada’, recently beautifully restored in 2k, over sixty years since it won the first Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. 

In a story of true outsiders, Masina plays Gelsomina, a naïve young woman sold by her desperate mother to boorish strongman Zampanò (an immensely charismatic Anthony Quinn) to be both his wife and performance assistant as he tours central Italy. Zampanò – a brute by trade and by nature – repeatedly abuses Gelsomina as she struggles to learn the ropes; meanwhile, she finds a kindred spirit in his rival the Fool (Richard Basehart). Soon all three find themselves part of the same travelling circus, but with tragic consequences.

Drama | World

Dir. Federico Fellini, Italy, 1954, 108 mins, subtitles

Cast: Anthony Quinn, Giulietta Masina, Richard Basehart


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