Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born remake

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will star in the fourth version of A Star Is Born. Cooper will also direct the movie….

Never let it be said that Hollywood doesn’t love its own mythology. The story of a romance between an ingénue and an industry veteran that sees her fortunes rise as his falls is as old as the business itself. In fact, A Star Is Born has been made three times already, telling that exact same plot. So why not a fourth for 21st century sensibilities starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga?

Indeed, Warner Bros has greenlit just such a movie, and it not only marks Gaga’s big screen debut in a leading role, but it will also be Cooper’s first time in the director’s chair. Having made the deal with Greg Silverman, president of creative development and worldwide production at Warner Bros, Cooper will enjoys his directorial debut when the movie starts shooting early next year. Additionally, Gaga will be writing and performing new music for the film, which is also a time-honoured tradition in Star Is Born redos.

The first (and most cynical about its industry) A Star is Born was made in 1937 and starred Janet Gaynor as Esther Victoria Blodgett, aka Vicki Lester, the starlet who changed her name and sold her soul to rise to the top of Hollywood’s hallowed food chain. Frederic March is the man who discovered her before it all went sideways for himself. Next came the most iconic version of the story in 1954, which starred Judy as Vicki and James Mason as Norman. Directed by George Cukor, this one was all prestige.

But lest we forget, 1976 brought us the, er, ‘less good’ version made for Barbara Streisand but few others. Set in the baby booming heyday of the counterculture movement, it also starred Kris Kristofferson as the dude.

For the record, Jon Peters who produced the infamous 1976 version is also listed as a producer on the 2017 version…


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