Lake Bell: I’m no action woman

Lake Bell found filming stunts for her new movie “unnerving”.

The 36-year-old actress stars opposite Owen Wilson in action thriller No Escape, in which they play a couple with two children who get caught up in a coup after moving overseas.

It was a change of pace for Lake, who has made a name for herself in funny flicks such as What Happens in Vegas and No Strings Attached, and while it was exciting, shooting did have its downfalls.

“Well, I threw my back on the second day. Which, I know, sounds like such an old-person problem. It just happens. I’m not like a massive worker-outer… The whole point was that we were real people and we shouldn’t look like action stars, and then of course that bit me in the ass,” she sighed to US Esquire. “In my next action role, I will do a lot more preparation. But that said, the scariest stunt to do was the assault scene. It was the most uncomfortable. Also because 90 percent of the crew was Thai so when any of the stunts were going on, there was so much barking of orders in a language you don’t understand. It’s unnerving. When all the people in the stunt don’t speak English, there’s no ‘What’s your safe word?'”

Luckily Lake doesn’t need a safe word for Netflix comedy series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, which is keeping her busy at the moment. In fact she felt so comfortable working with director, writer and producer David Wain that she spoke out when things got too weird.

“I would just be like ‘Waino, what are we doing?’ really exasperated. ‘Can everyone eat Altoids [mints] if we’re going to be doing 16-year-old kissing?'” she laughed, before describing teenage smooching as really bad.

“I shot Wet Hot like four months after I gave birth to my daughter, hence the overalls that had to cover me in some parts…”

Lake has little girl Nova, born last year, with husband Scott Campbell.

– Cover Media