Larry Fong joins The Predator

News has now broken that The Predator has snagged Larry Fong as its cinematographer, which is quite the score for the sequel. Fong started out as the Director of Photography on J.J. Abrams’ Lost pilot and proceeded to make waves on Now You See Me and forthcoming big budget monster spectacle Kong: Skull Island.

This is also the man who has become Zack Snyder’s visual rock over the years on 300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch, and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and whether you have a lot of time for the Snyder oeuvre or you’re more of the opinion that his films are a bit rubbish, one thing both camps can usually agree on is that they look fantastic, and that’s at least partially – if not mostly – thanks to Fong’s input across the board.

This is great news for The Predator and Black, who will no doubt be more than a bit jazzed to have such a currently-indispensable DoP on set this coming February.


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