Laura Dern talks screaming shoot

Laura Dern felt like screaming while shooting some 99 Homes scenes because they were so difficult.

The Oscar-nominated actress stars as Lynn in the movie, which follows a family who are evicted from their home. Lynn is the matriarch and desperately wants to get the house back, so unbeknown to her, her son Dennis (Andrew Garfield) begins working for the man who repossessed it.

Many of the scenes are difficult to watch, as families are seen ripped from their properties, with Laura explaining why they are so powerful.

“We watched so much documentary footage, and the idea was we would also improvise around the evictions, all of them, and create the truth to them. And that there would be many non-actors we would work with as well. And the cops are real cops and have done many evictions, so they know how it goes, so many of us were placed in the position of the person walking through this story,” she told “So even just being there, you felt like screaming, and some of the evictions just are – you know, I’ve seen the film a few times now, and they continue to be just so devastating because you know they’ve happened.”

Lynn becomes the moral centre of the movie, but Laura insists it’s not as easy as that. She sees Dennis in that way too, even though he is eventually seduced by the money he can make from making people homeless. In effect, he starts on this path because he wants to make his mother happy, something Laura sees as vital.

The actress has starred in many major movies over the years, including Wild at Heart and Jurassic Park. She has a special relationship with her Blue Velvet director David Lynch, who is reviving cult TV show Twin Peaks. Laura wouldn’t be averse to getting involved with the project.

“I’m always tempted to, and will always work with David because he’s my beloved family and my mentor and I’m sure I’ll work with him my whole life,” she gushed. “And so excited, and I find him so brave – I mean, he’s going to direct all of it. That’s just an enormous undertaking, and he’s just the most prolific artist there is.”

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