Laverne Cox: Lily Tomlin deserves Oscar glory

Laverne Cox won’t stop campaigning for Lily Tomlin to get an Oscar.

The Orange Is the New Black star, 31, is hitting the big screen in Grandma, with Grace and Frankie’s Lily, 75, taking on the lead part of Elle Reid.

Grandma focuses on the antisocial Elle, whose life changes when her 18-year-old granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) asks her for help.

Laverne loved working on the feature with Lily and thinks her talents should finally be recognised by the Academy.

“She’s just a dope chick,” Laverne gushed to WWD. “She’s a dope ass chick in her seventies who deserves an Oscar and I’m just going to keep saying that to the universe.”

Lily came close to winning a golden statue in 1976, when she was nominated for the best supporting actress prize thanks to her role in Nashville. In the end, it went to Lee Grant for her part in Shampoo.

But is Lily worried about missing out on the honour?

“I honestly think of the movie as a vehicle. I don’t make too much fuss about all that stuff,” she shrugged off.

As an openly gay actress, Lily is an icon within the LGBTQ community. She married Jane Wagner in 2013 but Lily has never wanted to shout about her personal life.

“I didn’t want to sell my sexuality to get on the cover of Time magazine,” she told New York Daily News. “I’m so proud of how much we have moved forward with gay characters in Hollywood, but there still needs to be more roles… I am really active in the (LGBTQ movement)… So I’m happy that they support me.

“I was cautious about coming out. It was somewhat of a challenge. I think I officially came out in 2001.”

– Cover Media