Life Of Crime


Jennifer Aniston stars in ‘Life of Crime’, a hilarious crime caper written by legendary author Elmore Leonard (‘Jackie Brown’, ‘Get Shorty’). She plays Mickey, the wife of a wealthy property magnate (Tim Robbins) who is kidnapped by two small-time crooks (John Hawkes & yasiin bey) in the hope of extorting a ransom fee. However, her husband is in the Bahamas with his mistress (Isla Fisher), has just filed for divorce and would prefer to never see Mickey again! Now, with the help of a seriously ticked-off housewife, the crooks switch to plan B, sparking a bizarre series of twists, turns and double-crosses as they set out to take him for everything he’s got…

Certificate: 15                      Comedy | Crime

Dir. Daniel Schechter, US, 2013, 98 mins

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins, Mos Def, Isla Fisher

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