Lily James: Living a film fairytale

Lily James feels young enough to be enchanted and fascinated by the movie business.

The 26-year-old actress’ A-list career began on British TV show Downton Abbey and it’s her role as Lady Rose MacClare that propelled her into global fame. Now she’s moved onto the silver screen in films such as Cinderella and comedy Burnt, with every new project proving exciting for the star.

“As a younger actress, there’s a tendency to prove oneself, to go, ‘Watch! I can do this!'” she explained to The Edit. “But it’s about having the emotional intelligence to know what is necessary, to only do what is needed. I’m just obsessed with how and why actors are good. I’m still young enough to be enchanted and fascinated by it all.”

Lily describes her tattooed waitress role in Burnt as a “glorified extra”, but she loved the chance to watch main star Bradley Cooper work up close.

She also has comedy horror Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in the pipeline, in which she plays Elizabeth Bennet. Her real-life boyfriend Matt Smith co-stars as Mr. Collins in the spoof of Jane Austen’s classic, making the shoot even more enjoyable.

“Yes, it was fun working with him. He’s such a wonderful actor,” she smiled.

The feature is packed full of action as well as humour and Lily shared one of her most-loved moments.

“My favourite scene is a zombie attack on us Bennet sisters and Mr. Darcy (Sam Riley). We’re all running in slow motion, killing, mutilating, blood everywhere…” she recalled.

Suki Waterhouse, Douglas Booth and Lena Headey also appear in the upcoming film, scheduled for release early next year.

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