Lily Tomlin: ‘David O. Russell row was an inflamed moment’

Lily Tomlin insists she was just as “volatile” as David O. Russell during their infamous I Heart Huckabees argument.

The actress and director were caught on camera having a vicious exchange of words while shooting the 2004 movie, with both shouting obscenities at each other. The footage eventually found its way onto YouTube and David was criticised for his behaviour, which Lily can’t really understand because she believes she was just as out of line.

“It was pretty bad,” she laughed to The Scotsman. “But it was just an inflamed moment and we were making a movie – a very cock-eyed movie – and there was a lot of strain on him. I was just as volatile as he was. He pushed me that day and he was a little bit wacky himself, but I adore David.

“We made up that day! And on the second day… because we had that one fight, then we had another fight a couple of days later. I don’t know who came off worse.”

The 76-year-old star isn’t one to mince her words, and she’s the latest in a line of actresses to discuss the pay disparity in Hollywood. She is a firm believer in equal pay, although Lily points out that as positive as it is to have people like Jennifer Lawrence flying the flag for the subject, Hollywood stars need to realise they already come from a position of privilege.

“I mean, we get paid way beyond anything a human being should get paid,” she explained. “I still think we should be paid equally, but I don’t know how you judge an artistic endeavour. They have ways of doing it and ways of not doing it. And Jennifer Lawrence wrote that letter recently about her pay disparity on (movie) American Hustle. But that issue will probably be resolved before women factory workers get equal pay to men.”

– Cover Media