Lion King remake starts recruiting

In the first sign that Disney’s new take on The Lion King is motoring forward since it was originally announced, director Jon Favreau has taken to his Twitter feed to start announcing the cast for the new movie.

Favreau will be using the same techniques he employed to bring The Jungle Book back to the big screen last year for The Lion King, and that means performance capture and a broad range of voice talent. In this case, Donald Glover is to take on the role of Simba this time around, taking on the part from Matthew Broderick. Meanwhile, Simba’s father, Mufasa, is set to be voiced by James Earl Jones. In the animated original, that’s the exact role that Earl Jones took on then, too.

It looks as if The Lion King has jumped the queue over the planned The Jungle Book 2. More news on the project as we hear it…



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