Logan: IMAX poster

Hugh Jackman is about to take his final bow as the iconic character of Wolverine in the forthcoming Logan, and in the run-up to the film’s release Fox have released this absolutely wonderful IMAX poster.

Earlier this week, director James Mangold (Identity, Knight And Day) talked about the initial stages of planning the film, and why he chose to avoid temptation where the matter of mutant cameos was concerned.

“There were times early on in the story where I played with the idea of Hugh coming along, and I don’t want to give away anything, but I played with there being an underground railroad where there were a couple of other mutants that he met on the journey,” Mangold admitted. “It always seemed to detract from the loneliness of the story though and became a kind of cameo.”

Mangold certainly seemed torn on whether to include more X-Men in Logan, but ultimately erred on the side of caution.

“There was always a curiosity. I’m so cautious of it though, despite how much fans want it to happen. You find these moments where you’re trying to please people and write these scenes where they’ll bump into somebody but it always just seems like an awkward cameo unless you can make it fit organically and the character is integral to the story.”

We’ll be able to take a look at the finished film for ourselves at the end of the month, but it certainly looks like a winner thus far.

A further taste of the film screened during the recent Superbowl, with a special 30 second commercial. it’s not much to feast on, granted, but take a mooch if you’re so inclined…

More as we have it.


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