Man Of Steel 2 back in development

We’ll eventually get a new solo Superman movie after all, because Man Of Steel 2 is back in development.

It’s been three years and counting since Superman reboot Man Of Steel hit our screens, and its proposed sequel soon morphed into Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Now, however, it looks like we’re finally getting a standalone Man Of Steel follow-up.

The idea that DC Films might now reconsider Superman as a solo property has some obvious commercial merit too, especially in light of the critical reaction to both Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad. Both films came under fire for their dark, violent worldview, something that the first Man Of Steel film also took some heat for. But with new DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns also serving as the co-chair of DC Films, and DC Comics currently working to rehabilitate their superhero line (with Superman undergoing a particular return to form), a more hopeful Superman movie might help with the mission statement of making the newly minted DC Extended Universe a little more heroic.

There has been talk of Man Of Steel 2 since the first film was released, of course. But now The Wrap reports that Man Of Steel 2 is back in active development at Warner Bros. Within the last year, George Miller’s name was rumored as a potential director for a solo Superman film, but he later nixed that talk. A solo Superman movie was noticeably absent from the DC Films schedule when it was finally unveiled, but Warner Bros. often points out that they still had plans for additional solo adventures for their two flagship characters.

Of course, any solo Superman movie won’t arrive until at least 2019. Justice League is currently filming, and despite the state that Batman v Superman left Superman and his supporting cast in, Henry Cavill is featured prominently in the only official promotional images we’ve seen so far from that movie. The now untitled Justice League sequel is still on the calendar for June 14 2019 as well.

While it’s quite early to consider a release date, note that there are two unclaimed dates on Warner Bros’ DC schedule at the moment: October 5th 2018 (which doesn’t seem to make sense for a Superman film), and November 1st 2019. The latter date seems a little unlikely as well, given its proximity to Justice League 2 on the schedule. Then again, that entire calendar is likely more flexible than we know.