Mara: Ridley’s right to focus on females

Kate Mara admires Ridley Scott’s focus on females.

The 32-year-old actress stars in the celebrated director’s latest offering, The Martian. With the topic of gender equality in the movie industry hot at the moment, Kate is pleased to have collaborated with such a diverse and professional filmmaker.

“Well, I think both would be great,” she told Refinery29 when asked if she thinks it’s important to have more films focused on women, or more with women integrated like The Martian. “There should just be an equal amount of movies when half the population – actually, I think it might be a little bit more than half the population – are female. Why are there not more stories being written in that voice? I think both are great. One of reasons I love Ridley Scott and admire him so much is because a lot of his films have been about women.”

Kate joins fellow famous females Jessica Chastain and Kristen Wiig in the feature, with Matt Damon taking on the main role of astronaut Mark Watney. Mark is deserted on Mars after his crew presume he’s dead following a violent storm. As a majority of Matt’s scenes are solo, Kate didn’t have much onscreen time with the star.

“Well, we spent time with him in the scenes we were with him; I think there were about three or four scenes. So that was it,” she added. “Other than that, we did our own thing. Ridley describes the movie – shooting, anyway – as three different movies in one. So, I only just met everybody else who is working in the NASA scenes. We all met the other day. So, yeah, it was very secluded.”

– Cover Media

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