The Matrix: new film reportedly in development

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox is interested in reviving The Matrix franchise, with Zak Penn (Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men: First Class) currently “in talks to write a treatment.”

So, a couple of things about this before we all start stoking the fires. “In talks to write a treatment” is about as vague as it gets when it comes to a potential project’s life cycle, and I’m willing to bet that the term “reboot” might not even apply here. For all we know, this is The Matrix 4, as the trilogy was left with just barely open ended enough to continue if you squint a little bit. Just last month, Keanu Reeves made some noises about it, leaving the door open to a potential new movie were the Wachowskis involved.

But right now, they’re not. As a consequence, it’s difficult to imagine any potential new installment in the franchise feeling right without them (although that doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t happen). No star has been approached, although Warner Bros would apparently like Michael B. Jordan to take the lead this time around. Joel Silver, who produced the first three films, is said to be interested in making more Matrix movies, but he isn’t currently attached.

To add fuel to the fire about this not really being a “reboot” but rather some kind of revisiting or continuation of the franchise, that same report indicates that within the last few months a Matrix TV series was floated and shot down, and that Warner Bros thinks they can take a “Star Wars” approach to the franchise, by branching off and telling untold stories within the world.

In short, whatever this is, it’s probably still a ways off. But on the other hand, Warner Bros is looking for franchise opportunities beyond their DC superhero properties, so it’s probably inevitable that we get a Matrix cinematic universe. Take whichever pill you want.


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