Matthew McConaughey’s Southern charm

Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey doesn’t deliberately choose to portray Southern characters – it just so happens they’re the greatest roles for him.

The 46-year-old actor hails from Texas and is extremely proud of his roots. When it comes to picking films Matthew has played his fair share of alter egos who share the same background as him, such as in crime drama Killer Joe, but he insists it’s just coincidence.

“Well, I never really looked at it like playing a Southern role was going against the grain,” he told Garden & Gun magazine. “I also never chose a role because I said, ‘Hey, this is a Southern character.’ I always looked at it as, ‘This is a great character who happens to be from the South.’ I’m comfortable in nature. I like people. I love the spoken word. Have these guys I’ve played been storytellers? Yeah, Mud (his eponymous character in the 2012 movie) sure was. I’m not specifically trying to ‘play Southern’. It just so happens that some of the greatest characters are from the South.”

Despite being one of the most successful performers of his generation, Matthew hasn’t always been clued up on movies. In fact, he didn’t watch his first film until he was about 17 and prefers movie-making to viewing.

His next Southern project is Free State of Jones, in which he plays a farmer from Mississippi who led a rebellion during the Civil War. Matthew isn’t familiar with the details of the famous event in history, but found himself drawn to the fast-paced sequences.

“I’ve always thought that when the Civil War is put on film, it’s not very dynamic,” he noted. “But in Free State of Jones, the action is killer. At the same time, it’s an incredibly intimate story about a real revolutionary at that time, Newt Knight. The other thing that (writer-director) Gary Ross tackles is reconstruction.”

– Cover Media

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