Max Joseph channels Catfish in new movie

Max Joseph’s new film has Catfish written all over it.

The American filmmaker shot to fame on reality TV series Catfish, which involves him and partner in crime Nev Schulman discovering if internet romances are real or bogus.

The show features some really extreme situations, which Max has taken artist license with and featured in his big screen debut We Are Your Friends.

“[I’d] absorb and observe what they’re going through and they’re hopes and dreams and aspirations and if they feel stuck or if they don’t like who they are for whatever reason – bad decisions they made, what they look like, etc., etc.,” Max explained, reports Fox News.

“Someone would say something during the day on Catfish and I would remember it and I would put it in the script that night when I was writing it and send it back to my co-writer in LA.”

We Are Your Friends stars Zac Efron as wannabe DJ Cole, who tries to make it to the top of the party scene. Wes Bentley and Emily Ratajkowski co-star, with the film the ideal choice for those who like a good time.

Emily’s character Sophie particularly has a Catfish element about her.

“[She] leads Cole to believe that she’s got her life together, but then he realises at one point that that’s not entirely true and that she was putting on a facade,” Max explained.

“Those elements that make Catfish so interesting to watch, elements of deception and mystery, make any movie or any piece of content exciting to watch. It makes characters complex and interesting.”

– Cover Media

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