The Little Mermaid live action remake

Alan Menken and Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda are to put together the music for Disney’s live action The Little Mermaid…

With Jon Favreau’s live action take on The Jungle Book doing huge business earlier in the year, and the more modestly budgeted Pete’s Dragon hardly shabby, Disney continues to accelerate its programme of live action movies based on its animated hits. The latest to be confirmed? That’d be The Little Mermaid.

It’d been rumoured for a while, but now we learn that Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda is teaming up with Alan Menken (who won an Oscar for his music to the original film) for the new live action telling of the story. It’s a fair bet that songs such as Under The Sea and Part Of Your World will be part and parcel of the new movie, but the plan is to add new songs too.

There’s no release date that’s been announced thus far, nor is a director involved that we know of. It’s worth noting too that Universal is also working on its own take on The Little Mermaid, although this is unlikely to be musical, and will veer closer to the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale. Sofia Coppola had been in line to direct that one, but she exited the project last December, with ‘creative differences’ inevitably cited.


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