Michael B. Jordan bemoans bulky physique

Michael B. Jordan found it hard simply walking around with the jacked up physique he obtained for film Creed.

The 28-year-old star packed on 24lbs. of solid muscle to star as boxer Adonis Johnson in the new Rocky movie, which has seen his co-star Sylvester Stallone score a best supporting actor Oscar nomination.

While bulking up was tough, it was day-to-day life which became the real struggle for Michael.

“To walk around in that shape is really, really hard, especially with the schedule of life in general,” he told Britain’s Heat magazine. “It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, I ate clean – no sodas, no junk food. You have your cheat day and eat whatever the f**k you want, but the next day you feel it and it kind of tells you that you don’t want it.”

Obviously Michael had to learn some boxing moves for the role too, as he’s seen having various fights in the flick. He famously didn’t shy away from being roughed up, with Sylvester sharing footage which seemed to show Michael knocked out cold during the shoot.

“I had a trainer who was there smacking the s**t out of my hand for the first week and a half until I got used to it,” Michael explained. “During pre-production, I trained as a real fighter. In the movie, you have to exaggerate or telegraph the moves, in a slo-mo shot or something. You go into movie-boxing mode – it’s ‘moxing’. Know what I’m saying?”

It might have been “movie-boxing”, but the injuries the star sustained were certainly real. In fact he’s still battling some of them now, a long time after the shoot wrapped.

“I got a couple of real ones,” he admitted. “My neck injury is serious. Even if I’m faking it, sometimes the whiplash is like, ‘Oh man.'”

– Cover Media