Michael Fassbender shuns method acting

Actor Seth Rogen was concerned Michael Fassbender might go method in Steve Jobs, so was relieved when they started rapping at each other.

Michael portrays the co-founder of Apple in the new movie, with Seth taking on the role of his business partner Steve Wozniak. Seth was initially worried Michael might be the kind of actor who really needs to get into character on set, so was delighted to find the German-Irish hunk wasn’t too serious.

“The process was fascinating for me; this was a different group of people than I’m normally used to working with,” Seth told elle.com. “One of the first things I asked Michael was, ‘Are you going to be acting like Steve Jobs all day? Between takes, do I have to call you Steve?’ He’s like, ‘F**k no! Are you kidding me? That’s crazy.’ Between takes, we’d joke around, sing rap songs to each other.”

Michael might have had fun on set, but the work was hard. He has reams and reams of lines in the flick, with Seth joking the star has more to say than he has in all his movies put together.

Kate Winslet also appears in the feature and was blown away by how easily Michael handled such a huge job. At one point he was the only person who was able to rehearse without a script, even though he had the most to recall.

“I want to make sure you hear me loud and clear: I have never, ever seen an actor work so hard,” she said. “His work ethic is un-f**king-believable, to the point where I would worry about him. He had 182 pages of dialogue! He was on every single page! It was like learning Hamlet times two.”

In fact, the fun side of Michael came as something of a surprise to Kate. Although the actor has hit the headlines for his partying in the past – he was famously seen exiting an after party for his 2011 movie A Dangerous Method on a friend’s back – she wasn’t sure how fun he’d be.

“My first impression of him was very different to what I was expecting,” she admitted. “He’s truly bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to go. There’s a boyish quality. I did say to him, ‘I thought you’d be intense and brooding and off on your own in a corner with the metaphorical dark cloud hanging over you.’ Quite the opposite

– Cover Media