Michael Keaton: ‘The Pope’s a cool guy’

Michael Keaton is cool with the Pope, despite not being a fan of the Vatican.

The actor is tackling the subject in new film Spotlight, based on the true story of how journalists from the Boston Globe blew the lid on paedophilia being rife amid Catholic priests in the city.

Michael plays Walter ‘Robbie’ Robinson, who heads up the Spotlight team of writers. While the movie leaves a bad taste in the mouth on the religious front, Michael insists there’s a bigger picture to be seen.

“This movie isn’t about, to me anyway, religion so much,” Michael told Cover Media. “It’s about institutions, it’s about people who take power and seize power. And use their power to take advantage of the disenfranchised and the powerless. And it happens in a lot of places; it happens to women all over the world, it happens in the Middle East every second. It happens right now with the UN peace keepers who are taking advantage of kids – talk about disenfranchised.

“So for me that’s the bigger picture. I’m not out to beat up the Catholic church, I still drop in and light a candle for my mum. I’m going to beat up the institution and beat up the Vatican maybe for not coming out and being strong about a lot of things. But that said, I think the Pope’s pretty cool.”

Spotlight has wowed critics, garnering six Academy Award nominations and taking home best picture at the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards.

Spotlight director Tom McCarthy recently spoke about how he thinks Michael and real life journo Walter have a lot in common.

“Both guys can be really playful and really easy; but also wear authority easy and have a swagger in them, and they can be motherf***ers if you cross them,” the filmmaker told Variety. “Both can be scary. I mean that genuinely about both men. I think that’s an important element; that edge.”

– Cover Media