Michael Keaton on Vulture

Michael Keaton has been chatting a little more about his forthcoming role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the movie that sees him back in the realms of comic book films.

Chatting to Variety, it was pointed out to him that it’s been some time since he played an evil character. Heck, just the thought of him as Carter Hayes in Pacific Heights still puts the chills up us. Keaton acknowledged the point, but added “yeah, Vulture, recently. But not to give too much away, but interestingly, he is and he isn’t, that character”.

Keaton added that “he’s a really interesting — and more interesting than I thought — villain because there’s parts of him that you go, ‘you know what? I might see his point’. Really, really. It makes it interesting to play”

As you might expect, Keaton wasn’t giving anything else away. But as we hear more on Spider-Man: Homecoming, we’ll let you know…

Spider-Man: Homecoming will reach British and American cinemas on 7th July 2017.