Monsterpocalypse movie finally moving ahead

The director of the Evil Dead remake is to bring Monsterpocalypse to the big screen…

A project that seemed to have lived in limbo for many years is a film based on the board game Monsterpocalypse. The closest it came beforehand was back in 2010, when Tim Burton was earmarked to direct the movie. However, it seemed to fall away when Guillermo del Toro pressed ahead with his Pacific Rim project, which had similarities.

But now the movie project is back.

The board game features, at its heart, big monsters fighting each other, and numerous expansion packs have ensured there’s a wide selection of beasts for the film version to feast on.

What’s more, Evil Dead reboot director Fede Alvarez is now on board the movie take on Monsterpocalypse. He’s set to direct the film, and will co-write it with Rodo Sayagues. Furthermore, Warner Bros has picked up the film rights, and will be distributing the movie.

It’s early stages right now, but the signs are that this time, Monsterpocalypse will actually press ahead.