Mood Indigo

MOOD INDIGO Quad_final_2

STUDIOCANAL is pleased to announce the UK release of MOOD INDIGO on 1st August 2014.

Based on the cult novel by Boris Vian and directed by Michel Gondry (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP), Mood Indigo tells the surreal and poetic tale of Colin (Romain Duris, POPULAIRE, HEARTBREAKER) and Chloe (Audrey Tautou, COCO BEFORE CHANEL, DELICACY) and their idyllic love-story. Set in a fantasy version of Paris, their romantic adventure is turned on its head when Chloe falls sick and discovers a water lily growing in her lung…

MOOD INDIGO is released by STUDIOCANAL on 1st August 2014

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