New Mortal Kombat movie coming

Christopher Lambert is set to return for a third Mortal Kombat movie – and he’s been teasing the idea behind it…

Certainly one of the better movies based on videogames remains Paul W S Anderson’s original Mortal Kombat film. The movie was released in 1995, and had amongst its cast Christopher Lambert, who played Lord Rayden in the film.

It was a decent box office hit too, although scheduling knocked Lambert out of the less-well-received sequel, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Although as he now reveals, “I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t think the script was very good”.

However, plans are now afoot for a third Mortal Kombat film, and Lambert is set to be back for that one. He’s not giving too much away at this stage, but he revealed to Loaded that “they have a great idea for the third one”, adding that “it will be very different”.

In fact, it looks as if the new movie will have a time travel element. “We are going to be travelling through time but in a very special way. So imagine characters having a battle in the middle of London and then whoosh, you smash through a window and find yourself on the hood of a New York cab”, Lambert teased.

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