Movie Moms

The Top 20.

By Rayvenn D’Clark.

With International Women’s Day and Mothering Sunday, March definitely belongs to all the mums out there.  With this in mind, we turn our attentions to all the memorable mothers – good, bad and downright insane – of the movies.

(Warning: This article does contain spoilers)

We kick off our top 20 with:

20. The Omen (1976/2006): Katherine Thorn (Lee Remick/Julia Stiles), Dir. Richard Donner/John Moore

Lee Remick in THE OMEN (1976)

Whichever version of The Omen you recall, you can solidly say that Damien’s mother suffered immeasurably as Katherine Thorn (played by both Lee Remick and Julia Stiles), the mother of the devil incarnate, was not only tormented throughout by suspicious of her child’s evil nature, but is then killed rather horribly by Damien’s nanny Mrs. Baylock. Oh the things we do for out children. Poor mummy Thorn!

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