And Then Came Munich: The Story of Duncan Edwards (12)

The 1958 Munich air crash was not only one of the worst aviation tragedies of our time, it was undoubtedly one of the worst tragedies for English football.

The twin engine Elizabethan airplane that had just crashed on the runway at Munich airport was carrying a precious load … The Busby Babes, the cream of English football, Manchester United’s dream team, along with the man who was to become a hero of the beloved game of football, Matt Busby.

Seven members of the brightest, best and most skilled footballers of the glory days of football died on the snowy runway in a foreign land. One lad however, amongst the chaos, the carnage and the heartache, clung onto life by a thread. He was a giant on the pitch, not just in stature but in his natural skill, knowledge and love of the game. His name was Duncan Edwards.

Unaware that his fellow team mates, his friends, had been killed Duncan, hung onto life, determined to play against Wolverhampton Wanderers that Saturday, determined to go home to his beloved hometown of Dudley and marry his fiancée Molly Leach. The world of football hung on too. Willing this young lad to live and see out his huge potential. It was not to be.

‘And then Came Munich’ , by writer/director & fan, Rose Monk, tells the story of the shy and unassuming lad who went from living in a council house in the Priory Estate area of Dudley in the West Midlands, to his phenomenal rise to fame, one of the greatest footballers England as ever produced.

Documentary | Sport

Dir. Rose Monk

Cast (as themselves): Sir Alex Ferguson, Bryan Robson, Denis Law, Nobby Stiles, Passy Crerand

And Then Came Muich from Film Volt on Vimeo.


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