‘Muppets’ Sequel

Ricky_GervaisComedian Ricky Gervais is in negotiations to star in The Muppets sequel as the Disney movie’s human lead character, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

The follow-up movie to the 2011 hit, which starts production in January, is a European-centric adventure. And while the film will be populated by a slew of cameos, there are three main human roles. THR reported Dec. 7 that Ty Burrell, one of the stars of ABC’s Modern Family, is on board as a lazy Interpol inspector.

Gervais, however, would play the lead — as much as one can be a lead opposite Kermit, Fozzie and Miss Piggy — with his stature being compared to the role played by Jason Segel in the 2011 movie.

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