Naomie Harris: Yes, I’m Miss Moneypenny!

Actress Naomie Harris is relieved she no longer has to lie about being recast as Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond franchise.

The British star first appeared as the iconic character in 2012’s Skyfall and can next be seen in the 24th instalment of the 007 series, Spectre. Initially struggling to get her head around the life-changing job after her first stint, Naomie has learnt she can’t ignore her success now.

“There was the huge responsibility of taking on this iconic role,” she told Total Film magazine. “I remember thinking, ‘Of course, they’re going to get rid of me. They’re not going to like what I’ve done!’ So to be asked back it’s a really nice feeling.

“That. Is. Huge,” she laughed when the magazine commented she can now admit to playing Moneypenny when approached by fans. “My mum always says, ‘You are the worst liar. And I am. I’m someone who likes to let things out, so to have to keep that in when people are point blank saying, ‘Are you Moneypenny?’ and I have to say, ‘No, er…’ It just felt like it was awful. There are no secrets now.”

Naomie is lucky though, as she admits she doesn’t get recognised often. Living in London, UK, she’s able to hop on the tube undetected and go about her life even after starring in such a big movie. She has no intentions to change her actions after the release of Spectre in October (15) either.

“When this is over I’ll just go back to my normal life and I’ll just be Naomie again,” she shrugged. “I’ve been doing this since I was nine years old, and I’ve never done anything else. This is all I’ve wanted to do, but I’ve always said I want to be successful actress, but I don’t want to be famous. I never wanted to give up my private life, and I’m really proud and happy that I’ve never had to do that.”

– Cover Media

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