Natalie Dormer: Just watch my rifle

Natalie Dormer kicks some “serious butt” in The Hunger Games – Mockingjay, part 2, so expects people to be in awe of her rifle.

The star joined the cast of the famed franchise for the previous movie, Mockingjay, part 1. She portrays a director called Cressida whose role is to film footage of Jennifer Lawrence’s heroine character Katniss Everdeen, meaning she gets caught up in a lot of action. The Hunger Games – Mockingjay, part 2 premiered in London on Thursday (05Nov15) and Natalie is excited to get some feedback.

“(I kick) serious butt,” she laughed to Total Film magazine. “Yeah, there’s some monsters that go down, man, on my semi-automatic rifle. There’s an extensive action sequence at the end… (and) Cressida is fully part of that.”

Also exciting for the star was that she was allowed to come up with her own sequences for the film. As her character was a director it was important that she behaved like one, so the film’s helmer Francis Lawrence gave her free rein to get stuck in.

“Well, there’s a moment at the beginning of the film where she’s shooting a bow and arrow, and I hold her back – I make her wait,” she recalled. “Then she finally shoots it. That was ad-libbing. That wasn’t scripted, and she plays it beautifully. She stays fully in character. It’s a really lovely moment for her – informative, which I assume is why it’s in the movie.”

As much fun as shooting the movies was, Natalie isn’t only interested in action. Her main aim is to try out as many different kinds of flicks as she can, which could mean she’ll soon be making viewers giggle.

“I would love to do a comedy at some point,” she said. “I’m always open to exploring genres that I haven’t done before. So, that’s why I’ve just done a horror movie (The Forest) because I read the script and thought, ‘This is interesting. I’ve never done a horror movie before.’ So if a comedy came my way, then I would obviously be very interested. Always.”

– Cover Media