Natalie Dormer made The Forest personal

Natalie Dormer used the fear of losing her real-life sister to aid her performance in The Forest.

The British actress stars as twins Sara and Jess in the upcoming horror film, which follows one of the siblings as she searches for her sister in a Japanese forest full of paranormal forces. To get into the right mind-set, Natalie imagined it was one of her own family stranded, and she channelled that fear into the film.

“I have a real sister in real life, and if I ever felt that I was losing my way in my characterisation, I just took it back to ‘I’m standing in a forest at 3AM, it’s freezing cold, I’m tired… now just imagine that my real sister is in this forest and I’m terrified for her and hope she’s OK,’” she told TWIST.

As the two characters have such opposing personalities, Natalie took her time in getting to know each alter ego. Despite the terrifying setting of the movie, the actress found the psychological side of things more disturbing.

“(The movie) is based on this incredible relationship between these two sisters, and then this idea that you wander into a forest and that your own (personal) demons that you’ve been trying to suppress come up to greet you, was really interesting for me to explore,” she added.

“It’s got the fun and the frights as well, but for me the really scary thing is the mental descent into madness that Sara goes through.”

Taylor Kinney co-stars in the feature as Aiden, who helps Sara hunt for her sister, and the pair are seen wandering through the leafy landscape in a new clip. It’s a change of pace for Natalie, who became an international star thanks to her role in Game of Thrones. She’s glad she can finally shrug off the fantasy genre with different parts.

“That box people put me in is going to dampen down over the next few years,” she recently assured Britain’s The Guardian newspaper.

– Cover Media