Natalie Dormer: ‘People can see I’ve earned by acting stripes’

Natalie Dormer feels new movie The Forest represents the latest stage of her evolution as an actress.

The 34-year-old actress previously starred in television shows like The Tudors but it’s her role as Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones that has really made her a household name. She also appeared in The Hunger Games franchise, but supernatural thriller The Forest is one of the first times Natalie has been given a leading role.

“People can see I’ve earned my stripes, I’ve done my man hours, I’ve built up over the years,” Natalie told the BBC. “So to be finally given this opportunity – 2016, The Forest is one of a number of lead roles that I’m being given now. And to have done it on stage, on television and now being given the opportunity to do it on cinema it’s like a natural evolution. I feel like I’m still growing and that’s what we all want to do, right?”

The Forest tells the story of Natalie’s character Sara going into Japan’s Suicide Forest in a bid to find her twin sister Jess. The film has its fair share of jumpy moments, but it was the emotional depth of the story that also proved so attractive to Natalie.

“I chose it for the psychological element of it – that it has these suspense thriller aspects. Because I thought this premise of a woman walking into a forest and having to face her own demons, we all have those, and this idea of having your inner monsters manifest really appealed to me,” she said. “And also the central relationship was refreshingly two women – a sibling relationship – that kind of spoke to me too.

“I’m sure most of us have someone that we would get on a plane and travel halfway around the world for if we thought they were in trouble, so even though it’s a great ride and a jump and a scare, that’s what we need in this cold, damp, depressing time of year is something to send adrenaline through our veins, I also thought the emotional human element was about, sibling love and childhood trauma and facing your past, I thought it had some interesting emotional stuff to get your teeth into as well.”

– Cover Media