Norman (15)

Norman Oppenheimer (Gere) only wants to matter.

Living a lonely life in the shadow of power and money, Norman uses any angle or connection to put himself in a position of significance. He is an opportunist, just not a very good one.

Until he finally bets on the right horse by buying a pair of expensive shoes for Micha Eshel (Ashkenazi), a lowly Israeli politician. When Micha becomes Prime Minister, Norman finds himself in the center of a geopolitical drama beyond anything he could have imagined.

Using his small-time skills, Norman tries to solve a growingly complex puzzle with big-time implications. This everyman’s journey is filled with the comedy, drama, and tragedy of a man propelled out of anonymity yet ultimately too small to ever be valued.

Drama | Thriller

Dir. Joseph Cedar, Israel/US, 2016, 118 mins

Cast: Richard Gere, Lior Ashkenazi, Michael Sheen


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