New DVD/VOD: North v South (18)

The rival criminal underworlds from the North and South of the UK have a long history of hostility but an unspoken, grudging understanding keeps them from all out gang-warfare. It s a fine line that must never be crossed, and if it is, all hell will break loose.

Two star-crossed lovers from opposing deadly gangs are caught up in the deep-rooted, dangerous rivalry fuelled by suspicion and paranoia. As the gangs, with their leaders Vic Clarke (Steven Berkoff) and John Claridge (Bernard Hill), prowl menacingly around each other, young lovers Terry and Willow (Elliott Tittensor and Charlotte Hope) must hide their relationship or risk causing full-blown gang warfare.


Dir. Steven Nesbit, UK, 2015, 96 mins

Cast: Freema Agyeman, Judith Alexander, Keith Allen

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