The Nun

La religieuse fŽvrier 2012

Guillaume Nicloux’s The Nun (La Religieuse, 2013) is based upon French philosopher, art critic and writer Denis Diderot’s controversial novel of the same name. Previously adapted by Jacques Rivette, whose daringly derogatory adaptation was originally banned by the French censors for its controversial representation of the church, The Nun’s infamous story has all the ingredients required for a gripping, divisive religious expose. We’re regaled with the confession of defiant sister Suzanne Simonin (played with aplomb by Pauline Etienne), whose forceful incarceration within a nunnery led her to compose a memoir of her suffering.

Certificate: 12A     Distributor: Metrodome

Dir. Guillaume Nicloux, France | Germany | Belgium, 2013, 114 mins, French | Latin

Cast: Pauline Etienne, Isabelle Huppert, Louise Bourgoin

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