Olga Kurylenko: No mooching about on Momentum

Actress Olga Kurylenko felt pressure when she took on the lead in Momentum, especially when she realised she didn’t have any days off.

The 35-year-old star hit the big time when she appeared as Bond girl Camille in 2008 film Quantum of Solace opposite current 007 Daniel Craig. Another big feature under her belt is Oblivion with Tom Cruise, but she’s only just stepped into the forefront with her upcoming film. Momentum features her as thief Alex Farraday, whose one last heist with her former partner sees her hunted down by a master assassin.

“I did feel a little more pressure. And I thought to myself, ‘When are my days off?'” she recalled to themarysue.com. “And I didn’t have any. Usually, any movie you do, you have a few days off when they are shooting scenes with others. Sometimes you might even have a week off on a bigger production. But that wasn’t the case in this movie. So I thought, ‘This is what those guys feel like all the time.’ Tom Cruise and Daniel Craig have to shoot for long hours and it is tiring, but it’s also fun to get to do all that action. But you don’t get a break to recover, and you get tired, but you just have to keep going.”

Olga underwent a lot more training for Momentum than previous jobs, learning to drive a car and ride a motorcycle for many scenes. The brunette beauty has done stunts for many of her previous projects, including the two mentioned above, and finds herself more drawn to action flicks than other genres.

As for her fierce alter ego, Olga was won over by her strength and power throughout the tale. “In a way, she’s just as reckless as her opponents, she just happens to be the protagonist,” the star explained. “She’s made mistakes too and isn’t on a very clear path, and we learn that she has some baggage later in the film. But she is not victimised at all, and is just a very kick-ass woman. We see men like that in films all the time, and it is nice to introduce female characters the same way.”

– Cover Media

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