Olivia Wilde: ‘Movie made me thankful for family’

Actress Olivia Wilde raced home to see her son every evening while shooting her new movie, as it made her so relieved he was alive and well.

The American star gave birth to her little boy Otis with her fiancé Jason Sudeikis in April 2014, not long before she began filming drama Meadowland. It follows a couple, Phil (Luke Wilson) and Sarah (Olivia), who fall into despair after their son is kidnapped. Being a new mother at the time, Olivia found the story a lot more intense than she expected.

“I found myself going home at the end of the night and feeling incredibly grateful to be alive, and to have my son, and for him to be alive,” she told Deadline. “People have asked me after every single screening how I could possibly work on this film while having a new child and did I go home depressed every day? But of course, it’s the opposite. I went home so elated because I had recognised my good fortune. Sometimes it takes the exploration of darkness to recognise light.”

She praised her co-star Luke for doing a “tremendous job” of playing a father without actually having a child present, as she felt his performance contributed to hers. Overall Olivia found it hard to fully depart her personal life while shooting the tragic tale. To keep her going, the brunette beauty focused on those less lucky than herself.

“We, being the fortunate ones who have the ability to do so, have a responsibility to do so. That’s what inspired me throughout,” she added.

It wasn’t just the storyline which was difficult though; some scenes proved traumatic for the cast and crew. For example, Olivia recalled her struggle of trying to drive a car down a wide road in Jersey which was full of 18-wheeler lorries. At one point she had to get out of the car to film her parts, then quickly dart back into the vehicle as a massive truck was about to run them down.

– Cover Media