Overboard remake to reverse the roles

Overboard, a prominent example of 1980s cinematic absurdity, is getting a big screen remake. The original 1987 movie was directed by the late Garry Marshall, and starred Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. For the remake? The stars of the reboot will reverse the roles of their original counterparts.

The upcoming remake of Overboard will star Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez. The original film centred on the unlikely romance between wealthy heiress Joanna (Hawn) and blue-collar carpenter Dean (Russell). After initially mistreating Dean on a job, Joanna accidentally falls off her yacht, later found with no memory of her identity. However, motivated by both revenge and love, Dean tricks Joanna into believing that she’s ‘Annie’, his wife and mother to his four young rowdy sons; a awkwardly difficult, labour-intensive setup that she eventually embraces. Meanwhile, Joanna’s real husband Grant (Edward Hermann) sees her possible death as a fortuitous turn of events and does little to aid the search efforts. That dynamic, however, will be rearranged in the reboot.

The Overboard reboot will take a different approach, depicting Anna Faris’s female lead as the working-class schlub and Eugenio Derbez’s male lead as a Mexican aristocrat who takes the accidental amnesia-imbuing plunge, ending up an ersatz husband to overwhelmed single mom Faris.

In the director’s chair for Overboard will be the duo of Rob Greenberg (How I Met Your Mother, Happy Endings) and Bob Fisher (Wedding Crashers, We’re the Millers), who will also both write the script. Co-star Eugenio Derbez is also onboard as a producer alongside Ben Odell by way of their 3Pas Studios label. MGM and Pantelion Films are the primary producers, with Lionsgate handling domestic distribution.

Overboard will begin production in Vancouver sometime this May.