The Overnighters

The Overnighters

Across America thousands of unemployed men are descending on North Dakota where hydraulic fracturing is unlocking vast oil reserves in the Bakken Shale fields. With dreams of hitting it rich and supporting the families they left behind, the realities of limited work means that many of these men are left homeless and destitute.

In the town of Williston, Pastor Jay Reinke of the Concordia Lutheran Church is extending the hand of Christian charity by transforming the church and its parking lot into shelters for these men to bed down, have a meal, and receive much needed support. But not everyone in Williston is happy to have these “overnighters” in their midst, and when the local paper discovers that registered sex offenders are amongst the men, Pastor Reinke faces a superhuman battle with neighbours, the city councillors, and his congregation to keep his shelter open.

Certificate: 12A                    Distributor: Dogwoof

Dir. Jesse Moss, US, 2014, 102 mins

Cast: Jay Reinke, Keegan Edwards


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