Owen Wilson: I want Nicholson as my BFF

Owen Wilson always hopes he’ll bump into Jack Nicholson at a showbiz party.

They’re two of the biggest names in Hollywood, but aren’t yet friends. However Owen hopes there’s still a chance, as he’s a big fan of the screen icon and would always be happy to see him at an A-list event.

“Jack Nicholson,” he told British newspaper Metro when asked who he’d most like to see at a showbiz bash.

“Every time I read an interview, he sounds so great. He just seems like the coolest. I did meet him on the Jim Brooks movie How Do You Know but I didn’t get to know him.”

Jack is known for being loud and brash, and can often be seen with a drink and cigar in his hand. Owen may be a fan of the triple-Oscar winner, but usually he cringes away from domineering personalities.

“Living in Los Angeles, you are never crazy about traffic. And sitting next to a blowhard at dinner or on a plane,” he said of his pet hates.

“[A blowhard] is like a bragger – it’s a very loud and overbearing personality. I’ll tell you a place that doesn’t seem to have a lot of those people – Tokyo. I had never been before and I couldn’t believe what a great city it was. And the people – there’s a level of civility and politeness that made me feel like I was a blowhard.”

Owen is currently starring in thriller No Escape, but will go back to his comedic roots later this year with Masterminds, and then Zoolander 2 in 2016.

He also has plans to work with quirky director Wes Anderson again, having previously collaborated on The Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Darjeeling Limited.

“Yeah I loved The Grand Budapest Hotel, it’s one of my favourites of Wes’. I saw him the other day. We’ll find something to work on,” he assured.

– Cover Media