Owen Wilson: Parenthood is full of worry

Owen Wilson is profoundly happy he’s never had to chuck his kids across a rooftop.

The 46-year-old star is embracing a new kind of movie with his latest release. No Escape sees Owen’s character Jack and his family get caught up in a coup as they try to settle into their overseas home. They’re forced to try to find somewhere safe to lay low, meaning the flick is crammed with action.

Surprisingly though, Owen managed to use some of his experiences as a father of two boys during the shoot.

“I’ve never had to throw my kids across a rooftop; but you do have to be aware of them navigating the stairs when they’re little, watching them when you’re walking on the sidewalk and heading across the street without looking,” he told collider.com. “There seems to be, and I remember it now more clearly, my parents taking us to get stitches and us falling out of a tree or having BB gun wars. [With] taking care of your kids, comes anxiety and tension because kids can’t see the dangers that parents can.”

This isn’t the only big release Owen has in the pipeline at the moment. He’s also gearing up for Zoolander 2 to hit screens next year, the eagerly-anticipated sequel to the 2001 movie which co-stars Ben Stiller.

The guys have already walked a Valentino fashion show in character as Hansel (Owen) and Derek (Ben), but neither expected the levels of excitement there has been.

“It’s funny because the movie didn’t do that well but I guess over the years it’s developed a cult following,” Owen marvelled. “When we first announced the movie at the Paris fashion show, we didn’t know what the reaction would be but it seemed to be like a rock concert. I think that got us excited to then go and film the movie in Rome.”

The star wouldn’t give too much away about the plot, explaining that while “it’s not like it’s The Sixth Sense” they didn’t want to ruin it with spoilers.

– Cover Media