Patricia Arquette’s cyber realisation

Oscar-winner Patricia Arquette has shed some light on the dark side of the internet.

The 47-year-old actress plays tech intellect Avery Ryan in TV show CSI: Cyber, who’s the head of the FBI’s cyber crime division. When researching the role Patricia was faced with some hard truths about what happens online.

“When I was speaking to our cyber specialist Mary Aiken, who my character is loosely based on, I discovered that a deviant person looking up something sexual on the internet might really change the curves,” she explained to Britain’s Metro newspaper. “Now a kid coming of age, starting their sexuality, might find something different on the internet because of that deviant viewing something 500 times a day.

“Kids are exposed to so much more radical imagery and experience then they would have ever been before.”

Season two of the show kicked off in October (15), and also stars James Van Der Beek and Ted Danson. While some aspects of the cyber world may be hard to swallow, Patricia jumped at the chance to portray Avery.

“(She’s not just a woman) but a middle-aged woman as the lead in a CSI, which is a global franchise,” she said. “I realise it is important in the world for girls to grow up seeing team leaders and smart people in technology be women.”

As well as her TV work, Patricia also has plenty of new films in the pipeline. It seems animation has piqued her interest, and fans will be able to hear her vocals in 2016’s Troll and later Toy Story 4. Earlier this year (15) Patricia swept through awards season, picking up an Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA for her role in 12-year coming of age epic Boyhood. Despite her packed awards cabinet, Patricia admits very little has changed.

“I forgot I won an Oscar,” she laughed. “It’s strange. I think the public really thinks winning an Oscar changes things drastically but it doesn’t. You don’t get that many more offers.”

– Cover Media

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