Paul Bettany: People thought my wife was a drug addict

Actress Jennifer Connelly managed to convince people she was a real heroin addict while shooting her new movie, her husband Paul Bettany reveals.

The 44-year-old actress stars as homeless drug user Hannah in upcoming drama Shelter, directed by Jennifer’s other half, Paul. It was a powerful project for the couple to film and Paul was blown away by how dedicated his spouse was.

“It was really intense… really intense. Well, you know, she’s the most fastidious actor I’ve ever worked with. She lost so much weight for the role; she plays a heroin addict in the picture. She was so well prepared, she was a card carrying member of the needle exchange programme in New York City – they all thought she was a user,” Paul explained to Yahoo Movies. “She would just keep me up at night asking me questions about the next day’s work, which was extraordinary.”

There are some “shocking” scenes in the movie, which Paul wasn’t willing to disclose. He was worried about asking too much of Jennifer, but felt reassured knowing she’d get her own back if he was to go wrong. The couple have been married since 2003 and have kids Agnes and Stellan together.

“She couldn’t have trusted me as a director because I’d never directed anything before, and there’s no frame of reference. But I think that she trusted that if I f**ked up she could kick the s**t out of me for the next 20 years. So I think she had real faith in that!” he laughed.

Shelter, which also stars Anthony Mackie, was screened during Toronto Film Festival and will hit cinema screens this November (15).

– Cover Media