Pepe Le Pew movie in the works

Looney Tunes skunk Pepe Le Pew is reportedly in the works at Warner Bros, with Chronicle writer Max Landis penning the script…

The irrepressibly randy French skunk Pepé Le Pew is a shade over 60 years old now, but the Looney Tunes cartoon character could soon be getting his own movie at Warner Bros.

Screenwriter Max Landis brought the subject up during the panel for his forthcoming TV adaptation of Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently at Comic-Con over the weekend, where he revealed that he’d pitched his idea for a Pepé Le Pew movie to bosses at Warner. The studio liked the idea so much, it seems, that the project’s now in the works, though how Landis will create a feature-length story around a fairly simple idea (an amorous, smelly skunk who makes repeated passes at cat) isn’t yet clear. Landis has a particular talent for taking stories off on unexpected tangents, though – there’s his pitch for a Peter Pan adventure movie, for example – so maybe he has a clever and funny take on the character that we haven’t thought of.

Pepé Le Pew isn’t the only Looney Tunes character who’s getting a movie at Warner Bros, either – there’s also a Speedy Gonzales film in the planning stages, with Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez providing the fleet-footed rodent’s voice.


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