Point Break remake includes ‘most hardcore stunt ever filmed’

Point Break pushed its stuntmen to their limits as they shot “the most hardcore stunt ever filmed”.

Professional skydiver Jeb Corliss acted as wingsuit stunt adviser for the upcoming film, which is based on the classic 1991 movie starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. It tells the story of a group of extreme sports athletes who are suspected by the FBI of leading a series of corporate heists.

One scene in the film sees four men in wingsuits freefalling in Switzerland – going from the top of a terrifying, rocky crevice through the middle, and even underground.

At the premiere of the movie in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (15Dec15), Jeb told USA Today that the scene has set new standards for Hollywood stunts.

“It’s actually the most hardcore stunt (wingsuit or otherwise) ever filmed, because the risk involved is just astronomical,” Jeb explained. “It was all done for real: no wires, no green screens.”

To obtain the perfect shot, Jeb had to come up with a sequence which saw the wingsuit pilots initiate 60 separate jumps alongside two other men who had cameras strapped to their heads. The resulting scene is stunning and terrifying in equal measures.

“And then you have actual camera positions on the ground that the four-way team who are flying kind of like a Blue Angels formation are then splitting between camera positions in between trees, then going subterranean underground,” Jeb said.

“It’s so gnarly; a lot of people will find it hard to believe it’s real.”

Point Break stars Australian actors Teresa Palmer and Luke Bracey in the lead roles, with Édgar Ramírez taking on the role of Bodhi, previously played by late actor Patrick.

As a huge fan of the original film, Édgar was initially dubious about a remake, but is thrilled with the way it has turned out.

“I’m very happy, because we’re not going to copy the movie, it’s a different story, but it keeps the subversive aspect – that you can take charge, that you can be in control, that you can think out of the box and you can reject the system and try to live on the grid, but on your own terms,” he told Collider.com recently. “So that’s pretty much the spirit – it goes beyond surfing and it’s a story that happens in today’s time. So I’m the first huge fan of Point Break and of course I will make sure that I protect its legacy.”

– Cover Media