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Empire Cinema needs you

Empire Cinemas calls on British public to decide which fantasy flavour will become the next popcorn phenomenon

Empire Cinemas has scoured the country to find out what dream popcorn flavours are top of the pops. After hours of careful consideration by a specialist panel, Empire Cinemas is proud to announce its shortlist – Sunday Roast, Wowee Wasabi, Chippyfish, BanoffeePop, Mallowcorn and Arriba Arriba! The most popular flavour will be created by Empire’s chief popcorn makers and will be sold for a limited period across Empire Cinemas this summer. The question is… what pops your corn?

There were so many brilliant entries that the popcorn panel had to extend the shortlist from a top five to top six. Now it is up to the Great British public to decide what they would rather taste whilst indulging in a cinema classic. Will the winning flavour be a tribute to British cuisine – the staple Sunday roast or the classic fish and chips? Or will the UK public opt for the exotic influences of wasabi or Margherita? Or perhaps the sweet tooth will prevail with banoffee pie or marshmallow flavoured popcorn?

The public can now vote for their favourite flavour via the Empire Cinemas Facebook page (empirecinemas.co.uk/popcorn) as the top six battle it out to be number one. The winner will see their flavour become a reality, with Empire Cinemas launching the number one popcorn creations across the nation. The lucky winner will also win a year’s supply of cinema tickets and popcorn galore… a dream for all popcorn patriots.

Empire Cinemas’ new campaign to find out what the nation would most like to taste whilst tuning into their favourite films has even interested the likes of Hollywood star Kristen Bell who revealed – ‘my favourite made-up popcorn flavour would be french fries’ –

What’s your flavour? Vote here


This is what the top six had to say about their creations:

  • Pablo Puente Guillen from Newcastle who created the Arriba Arriba! flavour commented:  “Tequila, lemon and salt combination has been proven to be a great way of celebrating when happy. Why not bring that celebratory feeling into the experience of watching a movie?
  • Nick Sykes from High Wycombe chose his Chippyfish creation because: “It’s been the nation’s favourite dish for hundreds of years. The fabulous taste of fish and chips, with a tang of vinegar and salt. Mmmmmm!”
  • Naomi Barnwell from Leicester Square, London chose a Sunday Roast flavour and said: “Everyone struggles to find a perfect snack for the cinema… this combines the classic choice of popcorn with the Sunday roast. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon at the movies!”
  • Alexandra Blue from Sutton picked a wasabi flavour called Wowee Wasabi and said: “Popcorn needs something to heat it up, how about a funky wasabi kick”
  • Trudee Hartley from Poole had this to say about her Banoffeepop invention: “Who doesn’t like Banoffee pie? Anyone who doesn’t is outta their tree!”
  • Matthew Rowell from Sunderland is a big fan of popcorn with marshmallow which inspired his Mallowcorn invention: “Who doesn’t love a toasty marshmallow? Combine it with popcorn and boom taste sensation. I’ve visited Empire Cinemas every week for over a year and just love popcorn, but have wanted to taste a new flavour whilst visiting my favourite cinema.”
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