Powder Room

powder room

Produced by Damien Jones (The Iron Lady, Kidulthood) and directed by MJ Delaney . This micro-budget comedy features an all-female cast incl uding Sheridan Smith, Oona Chaplin, Jaime Winstone and Kate Nash. The film’s soundtrack was curated by Fake Club, who also appear in the film.

Based on the successful Edinburgh Fringe hit When Women Wee, which was co-authored by RACHEL HIRONS. The comedy follows Sam(Smith), as her life is turned upside down on a big night out. When reunited with her old college friends, Sam is forced to revaluate her life and constructs an elaborate façade in order to convince herself and her friends that she has it all. But once her dysfunctional yet devoted trio of best mates intervene, her carefully crafted charade begins to crumble amidst the shots, cigarettes, ciders and toilet transgressions. Faced with some very harsh realities, Sam must struggle to remain true to herself and reassess exactly what she wants from life.




1166097_Powder-RoomUK production Powder Room, starring Sheridan Smith, Jaime Winstone and singer Kate Nash, marks a number of exciting firsts, including the directorial debut of MJ Delaney, famous for her YouTube sensation spoof Newport State of Mind.

Unlike most features, Powder Room’s journey to production was quick and relatively painless.

After the significant success of The Iron Lady, producer Damian Jones had around £100,000 to invest in either a UK production or script development courtesy of the BFI’s Locked Box scheme [a pool of money recouped by the BFI from investment in a successful production, which it then reinvests in the producer].

Unlike a handful of producers before him Jones decided to make a low-budget film, rather than channelling the money into development. He chose Powder Room as his quick turnaround feature.

“Giving talented producers creative and financial autonomy to build their development and production slates is absolutely key to so many of the plans we’ve set out in Film Forever”, director of the BFI Film Fund Ben Roberts told Screen. “We’re looking forward to seeing more examples of this as we roll out further initiatives to empower production companies.”

The film, about a woman’s life unravelling during a big night out with friends, started life as a 2009 stage comedy, When Women Wee, co-written by Rachel Hirons.

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